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Force Factor VolcaNO Review

This is a review of Force Factor VolcaNO.  There are a lot of products claiming to help your body produce nitric oxide. We’re going to be taking a look at VolcaNO by Force Factor to help you make an informed decision.


VolcaNO uses what they call their “Nitric Oxide Muscle Matrix”, which consists of two blends of ingredients. The first is the “Vein-Annihilating Energy Blend”, which uses common amino acids that are known to cause the production of nitric oxide, and the second is the “Creatine Strength Complex”, which uses creatine and similar ingredients for maximum muscle growth. There are also inactive ingredients in VolcaNO, including:

  • Gelatin
  • Silica
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Red Dye #40
  • Blue Dye #1

These ingredients are inert fillers designed to keep the capsule together, or change the color of it in the case of the dyes.

Since gelatin is often made from animal products, this supplement may not be suitable for vegetarians.


Force Factor, the manufacturers of VolcaNO, suggest a dosage of four to eight capsules a day, two to four at breakfast and two to four thirty minutes prior to working out if you are working out on a particular day, and with dinner if you are not working out.


You can buy a bottle of VolcaNO directly through Force Factor’s website for a price of $69.99. One bottle of VolcaNO contains 120 capsules, which should be enough to last about one month to fifteen days at the recommended dosage, making this a rather expensive muscle-building supplement.


On their website, Force Factor says that they have a “full refund” guarantee. However, they do list a lot of conditions for this guarantee, such as that you must contact them to receive a refund number and put the refund number on your return package, and that you pay return postage as well as shipping and handling. Additionally, you have to contact them within 30 days of purchase, which hardly seems like it leaves you enough time to even decide whether or not you’re seeing results.


VolcaNO seems like a good product for building muscles, although you probably shouldn’t choose it if that is not your main goal. You also might want to avoid it if you are on a budget or short on money, because it’s expensive and the guarantee policy that they have in place is not very strong. If you’re looking for a product with better security for your money, you should probably look elsewhere.

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